A Unique Commonality

We are people of differing cultures and varying perspectives. We identify with things that would otherwise be considered outside the norm. Some of us wear masks in our day to day excursions, while there are those that wear masks for rituals. In certain instances these masks are worn constantly, every single day. We have masks for school plays and for costume parties. Masquerade balls and Halloween are well known times for wearing a mask as well.

There are different kinds of masks though, some more friendly than others. We as people have emotional masks, which are used almost like a brick wall to keep other people at bay. Many masks are made of a silicone or rubber material, where as there are some made of flimsy to strong plastic materials. In the case of Inca Cultural masks, they are made of metals such as gold, silver, and copper to just name a few. Some of the most beautiful masks I personally have ever seen are African Tribal Masks which are most often made of wood, though I’ve also found some lovely masks made in Indonesia made from wood as well.

We as a society and as a culture have many masks that make us who we are. Certain masks are more bold and daring than others, but it is something that we all have in common. Masks can be beautiful, they can be dangerous, and they can be magnificent in the beauty that they portray. There truly is no limit to the possibilities one could use to create a mask. They are like intricate and beautiful paintings that we wear over our own flesh.


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