Dear Men

I’ve seen a lot of controversial hatred targeted towards men by feminism and feminists, which sadly no longer is limited to women participating in the attempts to “destroy the patriarchy” and has become nothing short of a disappointment to the many men and women who strive for true greatness. So I wanted to write a letter for you men out there who still have a good head on your shoulders.


We women, the ones who don’t think all men are out to get us, love you men. The strong willed men who can make a decision on the turn of a dime. Even the indecisive men who frequently turn to their significant others for ideas. We love you for being strong mentally, emotionally, and physically. Real women who actually have a brain, we worship you and are happy to take care of you while you take care of us. We especially love it when you acknowledge all the things we do for you, compliment us on how we look, and notice when we do something different with our hair. 


I live a traditional life in which my husband brings home the money and I pay the bills. I cook, I clean, and I take care of the children. I ensure my husband has food for lunch, food for dinner, and I make him special smoothies every day to show my appreciation to him. I cuddle him, I love him, I make love to him. My husband goes to work for anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day, every day. He deserves some appreciation. He deserves to come home to something home cooked for dinner. He doesn’t ask a whole lot of me, and yet gives me so much freedom. 


My life isn’t always traditional though. My husband often does the shopping when it is late at night and we need something quickly like milk for the kids or bread, or even fruit for his smoothies and yogurt. He lavishes me in bubble baths, foot rubs, massages, and acquiesces often to my requests for silly things like walks, a sweet treat for myself, or scented wax blobs that I can’t seem to get enough of. My husband is even kind enough to get the laundry clean every week while I play with the kids, and offers to do the dishes so I don’t have to.


You see, men, we love you no matter if you’re strong and bull headed, or soft and pliable. We love you the way you are, masculine or feminine. We real women don’t want you gone, we want you close to us. We want you to love us the way we love you. The depth and passion of our love for you is boundless, despite your flaws, and trust me you’re not the only ones with flaws. So men out there in the big wide world, don’t forget that though it may not seem like it because media and popular icons are out there spouting man-hatred, we real women adore you for being you. We don’t want you to change who you are. Each and every one of you has a perfect companion who is more than happy to love you exactly how you are that will be your dream woman in every way.


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