Such Solitude

Choking back tears
Filled with blackened fears
I hide it all away
Throwing the pain to the shadows
Threatening it as it disappears
Yelling at it in anguish
Hoping for it to never return
I want the pain gone
Never to return
Yet no matter how I try
It always comes back
I want to disappear
Into the blackest of caverns
And cry my unseen tears
Scream where no one will hear
I want to cry
But too many are near
I want to scream
But people will hear
I am so frustrated
And filled with fear
I dine alone
Or so it would appear
In my minds silence
I cry alone
So filled with solitude
I scream in my head
And as I do so
I am mentally throwing myself
Trying to get away
From who and what I am
People often wonder
But never do figure out
My mind is like a fresh rotting corpse
Eroding and wild
Filled with sorrow and pain
Everyone thinks it to be a game
If only I were naive enought
To think the same


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