Dazzling Beauty

Swirling thought
Mezmorizing sight
Wild dazzling twilight
Darkened day
That is black as night
A beauty to behold
A sight never seen
Nor ever told
Beautiful as can be
I hope you’d spend this moment with me
Vibrant light
How it sparkles over the water
The twilight of the centry
With no one standing by me
So I invite you
Come to my world
Be dazzled by its untamed beauty
And spend the rest of eternity
Standing by me
As the never ending twilight
Shines on through
Bringing peace and serenity
To those whom ensue
The crevices of my mind
Where voices cause calm
And a sensation of freedom
I beckon to you
Join me in my twilight
Filled with beautiful shades
So ever changing
Eye catchingly so
Soft deep purple
To hues of lovely blue
The doors are wide open
Just take off your shoes
And enjoy the luscious colors


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