Deaths Throne

Shadowy nightmares
So menacingly dark
Creeping up on me
Like the Lord of the Underverse
Skeletal hand reaching out
I know he has come for me
He seeks to take me
To his dark hellish place
I dont want to go
I’m not yet ready
But he is demanding
Defiant in his ways
He wants my soul
So dark and twisted
He wont let me go
His gaze transfixed
There is no way to get away
I can’t escape him
Such dark fury springs up
As I refuse to go with him
He lashes out
Reaching to grab me
And am suddenly encased in darkness
Shrieking fills my ears
Thousands of damned souls
Angry howls
Echo behind in chorus
I have been ensnared
By the hand of Death
And brought
To his abode
As I come to
I can see my new home
Millions of lost souls
There to do my bidding
At my beck and call
I alone now stand
At Deaths throne


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