So Freaking Awesome

So, as some may know from reading previous blogs of mine, I’m not that into buying things for myself especially not clothing. Well, a week ago I decided to buy a brand new spankin’ pair of JNCO Jeans because I loved them when I was a kid growing up and I had lost my originals. I found the pair of my dreams on JNCO Jeans‘ website, took my measurements and immediately ordered myself a pair. Boy howdy were they delivered quick, I got them within three days of purchase! I was over the moon, beyond ecstatic and jumping for joy when I got the package.


I was so excited to put them on, I opened the package and quickly put them on. They fit like a dream!


Oh wait, except one part… The crotch. They fit me everywhere except the one place I’ve never dreamed of not fitting a pair of pants, and that was the most inconvenient place ever. They weren’t dreadfully uncomfortable, they fit but were just a tad too snug for my liking. I talked to my husband about it, then immediately got on the site and talked with someone there. They were amazing! After some thinking, and a while after the conversation, I contacted them through Facebook to see if there was any way to exchange them for a size up.


My main fear was that getting a size up, they’d be too big on me but I could always wear a pair of boxers or a belt, right? The amazing people at JNCO through Facebook let me know that I could send them back with a note requesting a size up, so I promptly did. Sent it back in its original packaging, with a note on the original invoice asking if they could send back a pair of the same pants but a size up just this past Monday and today I received the replacement pair. Oh my goodness they are so comfortable, and getting a size up didn’t affect the fit but in fact made them feel more relaxed and fitting! I took them out for a test drive, and haven’t stopped wearing them since I got them in the mail and I have got to say, the people at JNCO Jeans really know what they’re doing with their clothing line!


The quality of the clothing combined with their amazing offers and prices, and mixed with their superb and quick customer support make JNCO one of the best companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. JNCO Jeans not only offered to replace the pair, but they got them to me quickly and there was no hassle what so ever. All in all, if you’re looking for a good sturdy comfortable pair of new jeans, I highly recommend giving JNCO Jeans a shot. They have all kinds of mens jeans and shorts as well as womens jeans too and they’re still expanding!


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