What A Curve Ball

So apparently the Daily Prompt is Curve, and today I received one hell of a curve ball. Today I found out monstrous and potentially devastating news that will ultimately change my life and the lives of others. Among other things, I will be posting something… A little unusual for me. Today is a day for curve balls, it would appear. 


This morning I had a rather urgent message in my Facebook inbox. I could sense the urgency in it even though it was just one single sentence. It was someone I consider dear to me, and their message was simply asking me to call them when I could on their house phone. Usually when I talk to him, it is on his cell or face to face so this line of questioning told me it was of the utmost and dire importance. Immediately, I called. No answer… I waited a few minutes and called again, still no answer. I tried again almost twenty minutes later, and again no answer. It was at this time that I began to worry. Not even two minutes after my final attempt, I got a call back from him.


The news was indeed grave. Distressing, and worrisome at best. His wife has a tumor. A bad one. They don’t know if it is benign or cancerous, it could even just be a lymphoma which can be treated! During our almost hour long conversation, we both toiled over how something so horrible could happen to someone so kind, loving, strong, and brave. We discussed all the kinds of people that would deserve something bad to happen to them, but even we wouldn’t ask something this terrible on our worst enemy. It broke my heart, and it made me feel so helpless. He is an outstanding man of religious conviction but a heart of gold who also understands not everyone believes and not everyone has faith. We just can’t seem to figure out what kind of message could be intended by potentially ruining his entire family when they’ve never done anything wrong. If anything, they should be given praise and love and awards for their courage!


So I’m throwing out a curve ball of my own. I don’t know a whole lot of people, and I don’t usually ask this kind of thing… But I would like to ask all the people out there in the world, if you do one thing today, please let it be a prayer, a hope, a thought of good will, or a spell of good fortune to this woman’s health. We have no idea what it is yet, and she has a biopsy due soon to find out just what it is, but right now all we can do is hope with all our might, pray our hearts out, send vibrant loving vibes to this wonderful woman who has been so strong for so long. She doesn’t deserve the short end of the stick, and the very idea that she might be is tearing me to pieces.


3 thoughts on “What A Curve Ball

  1. There is no reason why good people have bad things happen to them. I think it is just random. and she shall have all the prayers we can send for her good health and calm and support for her and her husband. sending out the prayer chain now.

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