Dark Duct

Anger fills me
Swarming through my body
The adrenalin pumping
At max capacity
Vision changed to black
I stalk through the building
Footsteps light and quiet
No one will hear me
My stealth and sight are beyond theirs
Off in the distance
Garbled talk
I slip through a partially opened doorway
Stealthily I climb into an air duct
Seemingly quiet
Listening through the ducts
I can hear where my prey is located
Silently I pass
Making my way to my target
After so many rooms
I find whom I am seeking
Not caring to be quiet now
I crash down through the open duct
A smirk of glee
Riddled across my face
Pleased now
And ever so content
I found you
My hunt is over
If this were a game
Then I proudly won
The anger drains from me
As I have found what I seek
I take you by the hand
And walk out
As if nothing happened


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