Spinning Rain

Dancing in the rain
As the cold drops fall
They cover my face
As I gaze up to the sky
Hair matted
Against my cold wet cheeks
I spin around
Arms held out
Feet bare and drenched
My wet hair spins with me
Flinging droplets around me
I spin and spin
Around in circles I go
Eyes closed and arms spread wide
The rain is still falling
Coming down harder than before
I open my eyes
The sky looks clear
Not a cloud in sight
Yet still the rain pummels the ground
I spun too much
Now the world is spinning
Down I crash
In a dizzy haze
No longer aware of my surroundings
The world still spinning
I decide to lay on my back
The rain washing over me
I smile as the cold droplets fall
Landing all around me
I close my eyes once again
And enjoy the cold
That is all around me
I think that perhaps
Should it rain again tomorrow
I’ll do it all over again


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