What A Lovely


When it comes to finding the right home, one of the most important parts for me is the staircase. If it doesn’t have a grand or ornate stairway, I have to pass. I have always been drawn to a beautifully put together spiral staircase, especially of different metals. There is however one unique case of a man who built his home within the shell of a gas station who has a beautifully artistic stairway that is tremendously creative. I don’t think I personally could have done so much with a place like that, and the spaciousness of his home is fabulous. It takes a true visionary to be able to turn something like a gas station into a state of the art masterpiece of a home.



There are some stairways that just exude amazing talent, be they made of hard wood or different metals.The absolute love that some put into their craft is intense, and notable immediately upon seeing it. I feel that a stairway is a symbol of the artistic vision of the home owner or business. Take for example opera houses, they usually have some of the most fabulously ornate marble staircases!



Who wouldn’t want a lovely home furnished with a staircase this grand? It truly is a masterpiece, and I would absolutely love to one day find a home or even build one with a stairway like this. Talk about absolute mind blown!



All images found are courtesy of Google Images.


10 thoughts on “What A Lovely

  1. On the other hand, staircases like these are a pain to maintain.
    Varnishing, cleaning, and occassionally if you don’t have carpet, you”ll scratch at the wood with your shoes (or items you carry up the stairs, say a bed-frame).
    But yeah, I love the stairs in my home! 🙂

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