Gentle Solace

Darkness eroding
Walls collapsing
The shadows
They are leaving this desolate place
Mind whirling
World twirling
Everything is about to change
Light peeks through
The cracks in the walls
Beams of bright light
A glimmer of hope
It shines so brightly
Warm as it touches my skin
For the first time in my life
I can see my surroundings
Dark evil fiends
And oddly shaped shadowy blobs
As the light streams in
They wither and cry out
As though in pain
The masses shrink
Falling then poof
Gone from existance
The fiends
Oh how they shriek
The sound filled with pain
Suddenly the walls cave in
I am free
Free of my own hell
The light feels wonderful
So warm and inviting
As it gently caresses my face
A smile forms
Something I haven’t done
In a long time
Yes indeed finally
I have found solace
And peace of mind
Thank you
Thank you a million times over
For breaking the walls
That so confined me
And letting me finally see
The light of being free


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