Horror Corpse

Dark and treacherous
The grimey stench
It fills your nostrils
And clogs your senses
Makes the world spin
Stomach lurching
One hand over the mouth
And arm over the gut
Trying to stop the horror
Eyes clenched shut
Maybe its fake
A mirage if you will
But the smell is too strong
Overwhelmingly so
Open your eyes
There hangs a corpse
Mangled and destroyed
So distorted and mutilated
Maggots oozing from the eyes
Now the disruption
The crude beast
Lives no more
The bitter soul
It no longer thrives
Because now it has died
It is finally over
You may return
To your happy life
As you say goodbye
And good ridance
To the life
That dragged you down
And made your life
One of misery


2 thoughts on “Horror Corpse

  1. Because I am a visual reader (you know, someone that immediately SEES the object being described through words) I think it is more difficult for me to read this poem than the average reader. One of the the things dyslexics do when they read (because it is so bloody hard to do) is to take each word and form a mind picture of it…then the pictures start to blend and a movie of sorts goes through their heads instead of just the words. So when I read this, I became more horrified by the minute until the end…when I suddenly realized it was all an allegory for the former self. It was extremely relieving to know it was the death of former beliefs instead of an actual corpse. *shudders* so…..it is a GOOD poem, it’s just not one I ever want to SEE again.

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    • Suze, I am a very visually oriented reader myself. I think that is part of why my teacher used to say my poems really capture and captivate people, that my poetry speaks volumes beyond most peoples comprehension.

      I am very happy that you managed to read and understand the depth of what the poem was putting across. Thank you for giving it a second go and really enrapturing yourself into it to understand.

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