The Fierce Battle

Walking along the path of life,
Seeing yet not truly understanding
Everything that comes our way.
The hidden pain,
The smile that conceals the truth,
And the struggle to keep moving on.
Unrealized and untouched,
Our scars identify us.
They show those lucky few,
Those who get to know us,
To see past the wall.
They see our scars,
And they show us theirs.
Our souls are covered,
Hexed with scars unknown,
Never truly seen.
The pain that they bring,
Sheer power of those scars.
It is impossible,
In the ferocity
Of the battles we have waged.
Our flesh may not speak,
But our soul holds the key,
Battered and covered in scars.
The wounds heal,
The battle is over,
But our soul
Pays the ultimate price.


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