Darkened Heart

Shadows so dark and enrapturing
Nothing feels the same anymore
There is no light in my life
For I have failed to keep
Some semblance of myself
From the darkness you crept
Snuck up from behind
You gave me hope
You brought light into my life
The bright abysmal light
The thing I sought to stray from
Yet you brought it to me
So cold and lonely I was
Darkened and tainted
Only solace I had
Was the shadows that I enjoyed
Yet you managed to bring forth
Rays of light that shined
Bringing with them hope
Hope begot joy and faith in humanity
With this new found faith
I found my heart beating once more
The blackened film over it breaking
As once more it came to life
Rubbing it gently
You made it beat strongly
You granted me peace of mind
You gave me serenity
Joy abound and ever growing
My heart felt powerful
So strongly in my chest it thuds
Will you cherish it
As much as I treasure you?


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