So Tightly We Cling

This world would not survive without it, it would crash and burn and become absolute nothingness. There is something magical about it, the fact that it can bring people together in times of great struggle, loss, and pain. Hope is the fabric of reality that makes us all human, which gives us the ability to cling to life so vigorously. We wake each day with hope for many things. A better day, a stride forward on the path you’ve chosen to take, for things to finally take a right turn when all seemed so lost. We push every day, the boundaries of our own mortality, in the hopes of achieving greatness. It is in our nature to hope, for without it, we as a civilization are truly lost. If we had no hope, we would not have homes or families; we would not find lost treasures or artifacts from ancient civilizations that show us just how far we truly have come. Nor would we have advances in science, stem cell research, ways to eradicate cancer, treatments for things like the flu or the common cold.


Hope is what gives us a chance at a better life, and the will to go on when we think we’ve hit rock bottom and things cannot possibly get worse. In our heart of hearts, we live and breathe the idea of hope no matter if we realize or not, because without hope we are truly just aimlessly wandering with no point or purpose. We achieve our greatest works of art when we strive for greatness with the power of hope.

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