The What?

For me, both growing up and as an adult, the Beach isn’t a place I frequent. For some time, I actually lived near a beach of sorts. My friends used to frequent it, but I was more interested in the bugs in the sandbox at the top of the hill. For some reason, I just… I don’t like the beach. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I don’t like bathing suits. I don’t like how they look, how they feel, or how little they actually cover. It isn’t necessarily that I look bad in a bathing suit, my husband took me to a secluded beach area and even had me swim there but… I just don’t like it.


I think it may stem from one of the first times I was ever at a beach like body of water. Off in the distance was a island secluded away from the water and the only way to get there was via a motor boat of some sort. I had been maybe 6 or 7 I think at the time, and I thought it was a lot closer than it really was. I had managed to step into the water in my kiddie bathing suit and wandered around the sands edge for the most part. I kept stepping cautiously into the water, then finally I grabbed the courage to go into the water deeper and immediately face planted into the water. My eyes stung, my nose burned, my mouth filled with water and suddenly I could no longer breathe. The sensation was horrible, I wasn’t able to hear anyone calling out my name and from that day forward, I didn’t want to be near water.


The beach, for me, is a nightmare just waiting to happen. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to enjoy it the way so many others do. That coupled with my exceedingly pale complexion, I don’t really see myself visiting a beach for the rest of my life.


6 thoughts on “The What?

    • Haha I am what my husband fondly refers to as “Ghostly White” and often am compared to the whiteness of a piece of blank uncolored paper. As my husband so lovingly puts it, I don’t need sunscreen, I need latex paint LOL

      Your Acrostic is rather nicely put, I just wish 30 minutes in the sun didn’t absolutely murder me.


  1. I’m with you ST! The beach “sounds” nice, but the thought of going in the water or wearing a swimsuit is a big NO! for me. I almost drowned twice in my life, never learned to swim and am not a fan of deep water. Ironically Hubs was a WSI and lifeguard in his younger days and swims like a freaking fish.

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