Oh So Fun

I’ve always found shadows to be so interesting, I haven’t the slightest clue why. From just a persons shadow moving as they walk across the lawn while the sun hits them just right to make the most miraculous elongated and enormous shadow possible, to when someone who is genuinely tall would appear to be almost midget sized by the shadow that they cast. I am fascinated by shadows, because two people standing a certain distance apart can cast vastly different sized and shaped shadows, even though they’re standing still at the exact same time. It has always mystified and amazed me, one could even call it child-like in nature. Either way, to me, shadows are about one of the coolest things ever, aside from the rainbow obviously.



Don’t get me wrong, I know that shadows are merely cast by the way the light hits a bodily mass, and that the shadow is essentially the absence of the direct light that is being cast upon the object or person in question. I am far from stupid, I am simply fascinated in its simplicity and its ability to be used for entertainment purposes. Take for example the sundial which used to be used to tell time, and in some places still is. Then you have the way movies use shadows to literally draw up the suspense, create that prickly sensation on the back of your neck, then suddenly a cat comes around the corner and all is well. Shadows are also useful when you’re out walking and someone is following you, because we all know that creepiness happens! Shadows are also important in life-like drawings, I learned how to properly draw and shade a shadow when I was still a kid because apparently art class wants you to spend your life drawing 3-D boxes that cast a shadow. Whatever, the class was fun even if I wasn’t that good at it!


I don’t think I will ever stop being interested in, fascinated or entranced by, or mystified and amazed with shadows. They’re ultimately so versatile and manipulable, and they are so suspenseful and dramatic that they’re simply just fantastic! They are a wonder to behold, and I thoroughly encourage adults and kids to enjoy a good shadow show.


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