So it has become apparent to me that the world has lived off warning labels for far too long. We have so much stupidity running rampant that we don’t recognize intelligence anymore. The American society I see day in and day out first hand, America has become land of the dumbasses, and boy howdy we need to fix this. The world as a whole would be better off if we stopped protecting the stupid of the world and finally took a stand for those of us with a brain. Those of us who have functioning gray matter between our ears should not have to constantly be forced to mingle with these lesser minded. We deserve the same freedom and rights everyone else claims, don’t we? Where are our “intelligence spaces” where we can collaboratively work together and have a proper discussion?

The solution to all our problems is simple. Remove the warning labels and let nature sort it out, let nature take its course and fix the problem. I have literally seen some of the dumbest videos, the dumbest actions, and mind numbingly idiotic “discussions” that literally are so dense and lacking in any form of intelligence that it is astounding they survived this long. Why is it they’ve managed to survive until now? Partly due to our overzealous warning labels, I mean, who would take a highly compressed container of gaseous liquid and use it near an open flame without knowing what they’re doing? An idiot. Who would think to drink a cleaning product? Again, a idiot. Who would actually buy a knife and not think it were sharp enough to cut? You probably guessed it, an idiot. For crying out loud we have warning labels on fresh hot coffee! Do you put a “CAUTION : CONTENTS MAY BE HOT” on your coffee cup at home? Seriously, are we as a society so dumb we cannot realize drinking lotion, bubble bath, or shampoo could be hazardous to our health? Do we really need a warning label on our coffee creamer about keeping it away from an open flame or high heat area?


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