So I’ve been neglecting to post an update about my Aunt’s situation.. Mainly because we went from having awesome fabulous news to… Well… To be honest, heart breaking news. They got the news about her situation Thursday, and I’ve honestly been to weepy eyed to post about it. It wasn’t until I read a fellow bloggers post about making your world Miraculous that I realized that though the situation is sad, there isn’t anything I can do to change it, make it better, or resolve it. It is something I can’t change, as much as it breaks my heart.


It turns out my Aunt has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and they think she will make it to Christmas. That is the hope, at least. When I got the news Thursday morning, I was in tears. I was also tasked with the difficult position of informing other family members to the best of my ability, which led to quite a few tear filled conversations and lots of trying to being brave. I know that right now the best thing is for her to be surrounded by loved ones, and for her to be positive. It is really hard to be positive right now, but I am trying to do my best. It is the worst news I could have dreamed of, and the biggest problem is, it is happening to someone who is truly a wonderful person.


People talk about losing their loved ones, and people try their hardest to console those who are going through situations like that, but I honestly believe right now.. Just need a lot of positivity to get through this. 


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