A Letter To My Mother

I wanted to do something unique and special for my mother on this glorious Day of Motherliness. I wanted to write a letter to my mother, to whom I’ve not always shown the appropriate amount of appreciation. 


Dear Mom


Today is one of the days in which we as people celebrate the woman who gave it her all to bring her children into this world. We joyously spread words of love and gratitude to the woman (or in some cases, women) who made us who we are. I wanted to take a moment out of my day while the children were napping to write a special something just for you, because you truly did everything possible to give me the best life you could.


I didn’t always say it when I was a kid, and I certainly didn’t show it often enough like I ought to of, but you are truly a remarkable woman. You are my first true friend, until the very end. You have always been there and held my hand when I needed it, you cuddled me close and took care of me when I didn’t feel well. You gave so much up to ensure I had everything I could ever need, and sacrificed until it hurt to make sure I was happy. I know that things of the past still get you down, but without the past, I wouldn’t be the amazing young woman, wife, and mother that I am today.


I learned from the past, just as I am sure you did too. I know you wanted me to not go through pain and heart ache, you didn’t want me to ever get hurt. You couldn’t help it, I was one heck of a troublesome child, and without that horrid past, I wouldn’t of been able to realize just how great I had it once I became an adult. Most people who go through life with the perfect past end up not realizing just how much their parents sacrificed for them. With the hardships we both faced together, the adversities we overcame, I grew wiser because of your guidance. 


I know there are things of the past I wish I could change, but at the same time I am ever so grateful for the experiences. Without them, I wouldn’t of known how wonderful my mother was nor would I have known just how magnificent you truly are. You spent your adult life taking care of me, looking out for me, cherishing me even when I was so rotten it made you cry. You welcomed me home with open arms, no matter what I had done and for that, I cannot possibly thank you enough. Your heart is so amazing and big, your love is truly never ending.


You spent sleepless nights and tireless days taking care of me, looking after me, and teaching me even when you didn’t realize. It may not of appeared as though I was always paying attention, but I was. I’d like to think that it is due to having such a wonderful mother like you that I am able to take care of what needs to be done. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to calm down and take care of my girls when they’re having one of the worst days. Even on days when they seem inconsolable, I just think of how you would handle it and take a moment to calm down. Eventually everything calms down and the day becomes a beautiful ray of sunshine again.


Some of my fondest memories are with you. Like when I used to sneak into work with you and help you with the laundry, and helping you set up for the activities with the folk at work. I remember the funny old man who used to always say I look just like you, it made me feel beautiful. I miss walking with you to work, and going to your work to walk home with you. Even when I had been suspended from school, you still let me walk with you, because it was a special time for the both of us. When you sent me off to go get the coffee, you always made sure you had enough so we could each have one and it was such a treat. I still remember how I used to sit on the floor next to your computer chair while you were playing Bejeweled, being a pain by constantly pointing out moves you could make. You took it in stride though, and put up with my interruptions.


All in all, I have the best mother in the world. Thank you for being my mom. I couldn’t of made it this far without you.


Lovingly Yours



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