A Magnificent

Today’s Prompt is something that I have honestly been hoping and waiting for. Today’s word is Stroll. I bet you’re wondering, “What in the world is so fascinating about the word stroll?” Well, keep reading and you’ll find out just how magical and magnificent a stroll can be.


Ever since I was young, I’ve loved going for walks, be they long and entrancing or short and beautifully scenic. Even just taking a stroll down to the store down street which is only a few minutes walk away is a pleasant time for me, because I just absolutely love going for a stroll. My destination isn’t the important part though, it is what happens during the journey that is most amazing.


When I step out the door for a walk, or stroll, I have the most freeing sensation overcome me. With the wind at my backside and the daylight on my face, it is so rejuvenating. I plug my headphones into my ears and let Pandora flood me with music that washes over me and helps me clear my mind. I find that I often do my best thinking when I’m walking, the only problem is is going for a stroll without getting interrupted. That would take me to my favorite place I enjoy taking a walk to and through!


Now, I know I said the destination isn’t important, but when you’re seeking silence and solitude to do some major thinking, it’s like the realtors always say! Location, location, location! The one place I love going, and I even bring the kids often when it is pleasant outside, is the graveyard. Weird, I know. I’ve only been told that my entire life. I’ve often been told, “That is so horridly morbid, don’t you think?” I don’t think they’re morbid, sure it is a collective of graves of people lost and gone, but it doesn’t have to be miserable.


I see a graveyard as a silent celebration of the lives of those who came before us. I often wander around and find new headstones that make me wonder just how they lived their lives, and what they did in their life to stand out. Some of the headstones are so beautifully carved, and have the most heart warming inscriptions on them, it gives me ideas for what I would like for when my time should come. I haven’t yet decided on what I want, if I want simply a hole in the ground or a mausoleum, but I know for a fact that when I pass, I want to be in a heart shaped coffin with enough space for my husband to be buried beside me, hand in hand, for the rest of eternity.

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