What The Freaking Chaos

So today has been absolutely chaotic, which goes well together with today’s prompt : chaos. It started last night, and then just became worse today. My poor husband somehow got sick. It has been a hellish roller coaster of sitting on the toilet begging for relief while he grips the side of the tub and vomits. It has literally been a nightmare for me because me being the concerned wife and mother that I am, I want him to get seen to and yet he refuses to let me call an ambulance! I mean, honestly! He is in no condition to take himself and I am dreadfully horrified by the prospect of driving, not to mention I can’t pack the kids and carry him down the stairs to stuff him in the car.

To make matters even more splendidly chaotic, the kids have been a wreck of emotions ranging from “I want to cuddle!” to “I want to sleep!” then it became “FEED ME EVEN THOUGH LUNCH TIME ISN’T FOR ANOTHER HOUR!” Sadly this doesn’t even take the cake. I managed to get them fed and changed then put to bed and now they’re running around like crazy wild midgets trying to create a whirlwind of destruction in their room when an hour ago they were so anxious to get to sleep!

I’ve been so worried about my dear husband being ill that I managed to lock myself out of the house with no phone and no keys when I went to check the mail. That was just absolutely frustrating to the point that I knew in order to get in, I had to get my poor sick husband to let me in. I spent around 5 minutes pinging the bedroom window with my mailbox key, to absolutely no avail. I had to practically beat the door down just to get his attention, which with him being sick only made matters worse.

My day has literally been chaos incarnate. Sad part is, it isn’t even half way over!


6 thoughts on “What The Freaking Chaos

  1. get a key rock and put it somewhere safe so you can always get back in. My little ones locked me out of the house once trying to be helpful….I ended up having to break a window and climbing through to get back inside again. Better a pretend key-holding rock than a sick hubby having to get up. poor Allan.

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