Becoming A Issue

Diversity… What can one truly say about diversity that doesn’t lead back to something negative? Personally I feel diversity is both good and bad at the same time. Being diverse allows us to learn about other cultures and life styles, as well as different religions we might otherwise never heard of. It allows us the chance to try new foods and learn how to make unique cuisines. It opens doors of opportunity to for us to all learn about the way different cultures handle different things. Like in some cultures, when someone dies they don’t just put them in the ground and mourn. They have like… A month of grieving where other people cook, clean, and basically take care of the affected families home and daily needs.

The problem is grave though… Diversity makes it so that good, hard working individuals can’t get jobs in their field. It puts unskilled workers in the work force when they aren’t equipped mentally or physically for the job. Diversity isn’t limited to race and religion but also gender, which can make it impossible for a person perfectly fitted for a job to get said job. Not only are jobs a problem though, there are also diversity scholarships, diversity requirements in colleges, and “special” diversity events in which only a certain amount of people from other diverse groups can attend. In some places, an average looking white man can’t even get a home or apartment because he doesn’t fit the diversity requirement. My husband and I experienced this first hand when we were looking for a place…

The problem with diversity is that instead of being all inclusive, it has become racist against the white folk. It used to be the American dream to have a family, get a home, and earn an honest wage. Well, we have a family and we have a temporary home, but any time I have tried to find a job, even at fast food restaurants, I was informed because I was “white” or at least “appeared white” that I didn’t fit their diversity hiring requirements. Not even a week later the position would be filled by a person of ethnic and racial difference from myself. It has been most disappointing and very discouraging.

Diversity has its place, but it should never be a deciding factor in who gets to live where, who gets what job, or who gets what scholarship. I encourage diversity in the work force, so long as they fit the necessary criteria that everyone else has to follow.


3 thoughts on “Becoming A Issue

  1. I too have run into the “you are not the right color” attitude in employment….which is truly annoying as in my dna float the genes of africans and natives as well as caucasians…………equality in all things is what we should strive for. Then all of us will be free.

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    • I couldn’t agree more, and thats sort of the sentiment behind my post. I mean, diversity is great, so long as you don’t exclude those who are fit for a job just because they’re not the right race, don’t have the right skintone, or are of the wrong gender or religious affiliation. We should be judged on our abilities alone, not what we are at face value.

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