Confused Anger

I walk this earth as me,
Never to be as good as thee.
Angry easy, truly me
But with this anger
I am confused.
Anger over little things,
I wish not to be.
If I were not me,
Anger would not be.
As all anger subsides,
Depression comes in thick.
I sit here
Depressed, confused, and angry
How scary a thought,
Is what others think.
But I have been too long,
This way I stay for eternity.
Think cute I am not
Pretty I cannot be.
Death is in my grasp,
But alone one thing,
It holds me back.
From this black abyss,
The eternal darkness,
Of which I try to cling.
Life is too bright,
It burns my eyes of blue.
Soon it returns again,
The anger wells up within.
Fists, how they do fly
Punches, how wildly thrown
The blood of the innocent,
How much of it does flow?
I do not know…
Again, confused is me,
Sitting in a slump,
I know it is true.
I am a never-ending cycle of three.
Depressed, confused, angry.
I wish it not to be so,
But soon I am overwhelmed.
Another complete circle of depression.
Does anyone see?
The completed circle comes,
But never does it leave.
I wish to break free
Of this never-ending cycle.
Emotion, how scary it is
To make one mad for no reason…
Maybe it is my own fault.
Is it I that wish to be angry?
Going soon to confusion to be?
But to make it complete,
Depression again sets in.
I wish not for this endless cycle.
So I immerse myself in music,
Hoping to make a new twist.
But alas, depression sinks in deeper still yet.
So pure this cycle is truly,
So angry and confused,
Yet surely completely depressed too.
I scar you so badly,
And for this
I am truly sorry.


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