Oh Boy…

I don’t know that I can write a pleasant post about todays Daily Prompt… Every generation that watches the new generation come to fruition always remarks on how horrible the new generation is. Normally with generalizations. I’m guilty of it, I’ll admit it. Sadly, with us living in a generation of sissies and pansies and panty-waited bafoons, we don’t really have much of a choice but to let our children become spoiled rotten brats who think they deserve to have everything handed to them on a silver platter. The real problem here? Too much fucking government. Sorry for the language but it is true. When the government is allowed to infringe on the rights of parents to actually… You know, do that blasted thing called PARENTING… Then all is lost for any and all future generations. No, I didn’t enjoy spankings. No, I didn’t enjoy being scolded and told WHY I deserved a spanking. Did I deserve it though? Yes. Did it teach me anything? Well DUH. It taught me that whatever stupid thing I’d done, I shouldn’t do it again because it 1.) Got me in trouble. 2.) I couldn’t hide it from my mom. 3.) Apparently whatever I’d done scared my mom.


This new generation is in essence, lost. Parent’s aren’t allowed to spank, swat, or even chastise their child because it will “make them feel bad” apparently. Kids get “participation awards” to make them feel included… Are we that much of a panty-waisted bunch? We can’t wear big girl/boy panties and throw that diaper away? Trust me, I’ve thrown away PLENTY of dirty diapers, my kids are no worse off for it. If your kid stinks at sports, they don’t deserve a trophy. If your kid comes in last in a race, they don’t deserve a trophy. If your kid doesn’t make it within the top 3, they don’t deserve a darn blasted trophy. I’ve even seen a kid get a trophy for only reading 3 books during a school read-a-thon… WHAT THE FLIM FLAM?! When my school had a read-a-thon, I read hundreds of books. I got first place, and a $50 voucher to go to a bookstore in town and shop my heart out. Sure, it may have annoyed my mom a little to sign each and every blasted book off my list, but she was also so proud of me because I was actually participating in something I loved. 


Spanking is a necessary part of life. Bullying is a necessary part of life. Winning at sports, games, and other such muckery are a part of life. Handing out participation trophies like they mean something? No. Kicking the school bully out of school? No, because that is precisely what they want. Teach your kid not to be a dick. Simply telling your kid no and putting them in a room with all their toys? No, because they won’t learn a darn thing and will keep being a little jerk


Also… Don’t even get me started on the SJW people… I need my safe space, I don’t feel safe when someone of conflicting views makes me feel dumb because they have facts and science. That is no way to behave. Grow the heck up you pansy. If you want your stance to be correct, do some real research on what you’re discussing so you don’t look like a total moron, otherwise, shut your trap.


I think I’m done ranting now.

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