Alone Eternity

Such solitude and remorse
I do not care for at all
The darkest of holes
The fiery pits of hell
That is my home
Alone forever
In silence I live
Alone and lost
I am forever
No one knows me anymore
The one I’d trusted
I no longer see the same
I cannot see the wall
That keeps me here
I’m stuck here
Alone for eternity
Lost and in shock
Forsaken and determined
For I shall stay the same
I know this all too well
That is why I am
As I am
For the rest of eternity


2 thoughts on “Alone Eternity

  1. do you have ANY idea of how irritating it is? Do you? YOU are making me LIKE poetry and I am getting seriously annoyed because of that. I have gone along very happily disliking poetry for YEARS then YOU came along! ya brat! lol

    Liked by 1 person

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