In Our Instincts

We are all in some way shape or form survivors, but what did we do to be successful at survival? Most have no clue, but in many cases survival is achieved by simply persevering regardless the situation. Pushing forward with as much stubbornness and strength of will as one can muster. For some, survival comes from the instinct to be silent until the storm passes. As such, the same is true for most cases of violence. From domestic to aggravated assault to robberies and even rape, there are instances where the victim will keep quiet until the violence ends. Sadly these people don’t always survive, which begs the question.

What is the key to survival? Even those armed with knives, armaments, guns, etc don’t always survive. Being defenseless leads to little to no survivors, where as being armed even with a bat makes an intruder in one’s life question their form of attack. Offenders prefer easy prey, a target that seems weak and defenseless. Take for example all the people getting gunned down in gun free zones. All unarmed, which makes them all easy targets. Where as an off duty police officer who happened to be carrying managed to stop a shooter in a mall. This proves that our enemy, the violent offenders of the world, prefer an easily taken out target of mass population to a well guarded and armed citizenship.

I plead with you, if you live in an area where violence is seen (which is pretty much everywhere) then arm yourself. Even if it’s a low wattage taser or a baton, anything that can be used as a weapon is better than nothing. I walk with my keys wrapped around my wrist in such a way that should someone try to attack me, I can quickly have my car key in my fingers and jab it in their temporal lobe, jugular, or eye if need be. I was once a victim, and I refuse to be one ever again. Trust your survival instincts, we are all born with them. Use your gut judgement wisely, our gut rarely leads us astray.


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