Inspirational Vision

Oh my, all these multipurpose words in the daily prompt lately. Today’s word is Vision, which I find rather inspirational. You see, vision can be many things. It could be like Martin Luther King Jr and his speech about his vision for the future. No more segregation and degradation, but instead unity though the sharing of our history and cultures. After all, America was named the Melting Pot, right? Then there is vision where you can see with your own two eyes, be it with or without the help of some ocular assistance. As we age, our vision fades and the same happens to animals too. Sadly there are many who are born without sight and cannot see nature’s splendor. Which brings me to the final meaning for vision, many call it foresight or the ability to see something happen before it actually happens which results in a sensation of dejavu. Coincindentally dejavu in connection to visions are only seen as such because visions come to some so vividly it was as if they already lived through it.


The kind of vision I would like to talk about though is the first one I mentioned. You see, I have a vision of what I would like my children to grow up to be like. I want them to grow up to be mentally and emotionally strong, forward, and independent. I would like to think my son has more of my personality than anything else, because even though I haven’t seen him since he was 3, he was always my wee-man. My vision for him is to overcome his situation, battle through his adversaries and come out even stronger for it. I don’t know that he will ever seek me out, but if he ever does, I want him to know I never gave up on him and I never stopped thinking of him. He was my first child, my first true love, my little prince in adorable armor. 


My vision for my girls is that they have the compassion and openness needed to find true love, with people that deserve their love. I went through enough heart ache for the both of them, I don’t want them to feel the same pain and anguish I did. I would like for them to know just how beautiful they truly are, and never settle for someone they don’t truly love. It would make me so happy for them to find someone as amazing as their father.


Most importantly, I hope all three of my children know I love them endlessly and there is no one I love in this world as much as I love them.


My vision for the rest of the world is that one day we all finally stop fighting one another over racial, geographical, and religious reasons. I’m not saying be at perfect peace, though that would be great, but at least fight over something important.


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