Confusing Oddness Poem

This is one of few poems I will write a message prior to… This poem is kind of hard to follow, as it doesn’t seem to have a direction. Hence the title, because even as I was writing it, I knew it didn’t really have a meaning the way it came out but if you look at it in increments, and those who actually know me might be better at it than others, it can make sense and actually does have meaning. This poem is more than just a poem, it is a poetic puzzle, which is difficult to solve.



The memory
How it haunts me
The past
How cruel it is
The world
How it taunts me
The land
How untruthful it is

Don’t look at me
Don’t touch me
Don’t love me
Don’t dare care for me
Don’t you try
I won’t cry
I just watch you fly
Then beat you till you DIE

All things including
The land of love
Pure world peace
And childrens happiness
All shall die
No happy feelings allowed
No room for love in this heart
And peace is not obtainable
So be as it may
My lifes fantastic


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