Taking A Breather

All this week I have been kind of a tiny ball of stress and fury. It started last Thursday before work, then became worse Sunday night, early this past Monday morning. My dear husband wasn’t feeling well. I lost my ever loving mind. Suddenly everything was bad mood this, bad mood that, and even my girls were raking in my final nerve. The pain got so bad my poor husband had to go to the E.R. and see what they could determine. Agonizing hours went by, he kept texting me and updating me to try and calm me down.

Nothing could calm me down. Nothing.

Finally they had a prognosis. Kidney stones. My poor sweet darling husband had kidney stones. I was mortified. I’d completely underestimated my husbands condition, thinking it was just a minor infection, but no, kidney stones. I have only heard tales of how painful kidney stones can be. Some even say the pain rivals that of childbirth. There was no way I could let him go to work, so I called in for him both Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday was stressful again, he had to go into work. The E.R. had only given him two days off, so to work he went. After some arguing through text, he was informed by the IHS lady at his work to go back home until he felt better. This was both good and bad news. Good because he had more time to rest up, but bad because he didn’t have the paid time off to cover the time needed for recuperation. He then had to go to the urologist and push his appointment up.

Yesterday, he had his appointment. According to him, the doctor lacked couth and was very direct. The prognosis? He still had a kidney stone that hasn’t passed. He got my husband set up for a surgery on monday, where they will laser the remaining stone and place a stint to release pressure and allow the flow of liquid. Wednesday they will then remove the stint and by Thursday he can resume work. Hopefully with less pain. He even managed to get it arranged so our insurance will cover his time off as medical leave with full pay!

I can finally exhale. A sigh of relief. A break from the chaos, which I do direly needed. I honestly didn’t know what to do. The fact that I couldn’t make it better scared me.

6 thoughts on “Taking A Breather

  1. Poor George went through this just last year. Unfortunately he refused to listen when I said “go to the doctor”. it turned into emergency surgery and he was laid up for two weeks. Thank goodness your sweet man listens to you and went to the doctor. the surgery he will have is very simple, takes no time (well a day maybe) to heal and he will recover extremely rapidly. and sweetie? it is OKAY that you were frustrated and annoyed. those are valid feelings so do NOT beat yourself up over them.

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