Something Is Wrong

We as a population have been facing an epidemic of extreme proportions. Coincidentally today’s daily prompt highlights it with one glorious word. Healthy. You see, unlike the word “beauty” , healthy rarely changes its definition. It changes per body type but it’s roots stay the same. The difference is we use “beauty” to excuse those who lack a healthy life style. We claim that even without a good healthy routine, people who make very unhealthy decisions are still “beautiful”, even though medical experts and scientific experts who study the effects of unhealthy eating and improper exercise regiment will confirm the extreme dangers of an unhealthy life style.

Just because someone is slender and fit looking doesn’t make them healthy. Someone who is overweight isn’t healthy either. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t always eat healthily. I know that I should, and for the most part I try to. There are days when the call of a burger, or a big pizza just call to me because I am too tired to cook. Too exhausted from the daily regime to stand in front of my stove when I’ve been on my feet all day chasing kids around. I drink coffee by the pot, not the cup and I smoke cigarettes which will one day kill me. I don’t get out to get exercise as often as I’d like, but I also don’t just sit there on my rear end all day.

I’ve actually seen people who spend their lives sitting on a couch eating fast food and doing absolutely nothing with themselves. They drink booze and smoke until their home smells like an ashtray, which makes their home, in my eyes at least, no different than a bar. I don’t like bars. I don’t go to bars. I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to live that way, but the world says to respect the decisions of others, no matter how strongly you might disagree. So I say nothing.

It is foolish to think fast food on more than the random occasion is good for you. No fast food is technically good for you, ever. Have you taken the time to look at the health information on most fast food places? It is enough to terrify someone like me, just think how much an impact it would have on someone who eats it regularly! Throw on top of it a lack of physical exercise and poor personal well being, which is usually in conjunction with poor hygiene. All of which is horribly unhealthy.

We as a whole, and I mean the world not just the United States, needs to take a reevaluation of our lifestyles. We need to exercise more, play computer and phone games less, and spend less time watching television. The world needs to eat healthier foods, get rid of these fast food chains. Sure it might taste good but I promise, home cooked food is always tastier. Just remember to limit your fat and sodium, that stuff can be killer. In not saying go fat free, trust me food would taste like dog vomit without some salt and some fat content. Just take it easy with it.


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