Death And Life

Death is my redemption
Life is my curse
Death is my goal
Life is my obstacle
Death is my dream
Life is my destruction
Death is my conceptivity
Life is my confusion
Death is how I am meant to be
Forever am me
Death is my way
Of connectivity
Life is ever so blindingly bright
Enough so to make one never able to see
Such an impairment would not suffice
Not ever shall it be
The ways of originality

These are my ways
The ways of death
Understand you should not
Not now, not ever
For these are my ways
They are not meant to be known
Nor are they to be understood
Confusing I know I am
Accomplishing my goal of being me
It is accomplished and more so
For no one really knows me
No one really understands me
Except Death
So there for it is inevitable
I am forever known as Death


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