Empty Heart

Death is the start of life, as is all
A open sea of darkness envelopes all
You see only what death wishes to be
But you wish for peace to come to thee
So as you see it coming, you run
Afraid of it getting to you
For in your mind you don’t really wish for peace
Well not for you that is
You think you do until you see it
See if for what it truly is
A black hole that will drain you
Of all feelings and love for all
You lose all control over what you feel
What you see is distorted forever
Your heart is an empty little thing
Something you can’t understand
Then you see, wondering
That the reason is your crushed
Your love is empty without someone
The someone you truly love
The person whom you think of at all times
The ne who is so special that you would cry
If they ever hurt you in any way
That you will love unconditionally
No matter what happens
You shall and will love them
But the blackness is coming to you
And you can’t make it stop
Not even if you tried with all your might
You are so sucked into the great dark blackness
The all consuming blackness
Of the land of the dead
That is your new home
You can never escape it
Not now, not before, not ever
For your love is gone
And your heart is black and empty
Nothing here, nothing there
Just blackness everywhere


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