My Dearest Of Friends

When I think of the word Buddy, I think of the people who I actually enjoy. Those select few who brighten my world and make it possible for me to continue on. They’re the kind of folk I would happily drop everything for to hang out with, or just chit chat. I don’t have many, but I do have a few, and have had a couple strange ones in my past. You see, a buddy isn’t just a person, but it can be an imaginary friend or even a pet that you hold dear. I’ve had all three in my life, and it has been an amazing journey.


As a kid, I had an imaginary friend. I know most people have them, but I don’t think I ever actually told anyone about mine. My imaginary friend was kind of strange, not like the average every day kid with an imaginary friend kind of strange but… Kind of off. To me, my friend was not just big, but dinosaur big. He was a huge flying dragon, like you might’ve seen in some Japanese childrens’ movies like Spirited Away. Unlike in Spirited Away though, I never got to ride his back. After having seen that movie, it actually reminded me of my imaginary friend and I began to wonder just at what point I stopped believing in him.


One of my favorite buddies from my childhood would be my friend I grew up with who I called KayKay. She and I did everything together, ran together, did crazy stupid stuff together, slept at each others houses and had all kinds of mischievous mishaps. She had an Uncle that I fondly referred to as Dezzymon, showing my extreme fanatical love for Digi-Mon. He was also one of my favorite buddies ever, he even once let me stand with his giant sword that was about as tall as I was at the time! After I lost touch with them, I remember I had tried a few times to get in contact but never really got anywhere. Sometimes I wonder about KayKay and Dezzy and hope they are well.


As I grew further away from people, my best buddy became my cat, Harley. He was a magnificent specimen of feline. He was black, with a faint patch of white on his chest in the shape of what looked like a heart, and he had the most lovely greenish eyes. He stayed with me where ever I went, so long as I allowed him to follow. We had gotten him from a litter of kittens that our landlord’s cat had given birth to, and I adored him the moment I laid eyes on him. He was the perfect non-human companion a teen could ask for, because he was kind of an outcast like me. He didn’t like being around other cats, just like I didn’t really care for the company of other humans. 


After becoming an adult though, I’ve found a few people that I wouldn’t mind being around. Of course, most aren’t around my age and one of them could even double as an older version of myself. Suze is constantly cracking me up, and we both remind each other of one another often. So much that she even dubbed me her Mini-Me! I still need a catchy nickname for her though, but I’ve become stumped. I might just call her my doppelganger !! Then there is our mutual friend, Steph. She is beyond a sweetheart, and I’ve been plotting to go visit her for years now. Drives me batty that I haven’t been able to make the trip yet, though with two young kids it is hard to find the time to do that kind of thing. The car ride alone would probably drive all 4 of us to murder! Then there is my mom, she is my best friend and has been for years. Sadly, it took me being a total douchetool to her to even realize that she is and always will be one of my most true and best friends ever. I love that woman to bits and pieces, and she is as bat shit insane as me to boot!


The best buddy I’ve had though since becoming an adult would be my husband. He is literally one of the only people I think I could practically be attached to like Siamese twins and not have a problem with. I love doing things with him, and sometimes even to him. One day when he was coming home from work, I hid in the bathroom and as he was entering the kitchen/living room, I sprang out from the door way with a can of silly string and chased him while shooting him with silly string. By the time I was done, there was silly string in his hair, on the cabinets, all over the floor, it was literally everywhere. He lobbed globs of it at me as he was pulling it off himself, and we both were laughing so hard we could barely breathe. My nephew and I are currently plotting to do a water balloon attack soon, once the weather is consistently warm enough for it. It will be a total blast. 


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