Positively Pensive

Well, while catching up on my daily prompts, seems they actually posted a pretty good one. Sorry to of missed it while it was active and thriving! 


The Daily Prompt from two days ago was Pensive, which goes well with me in general. After all, my blog is called A Sunken Thought. Pensive is simply just that, deep thought. I find myself rather pensive quite often, though I don’t always have the time to get it all down on paper or on the computer. 


Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have something that makes us stop everything we’re doing and just sit there in deep concentrated thought about it. Some of us have a few things that make us pensive, but then there are the weird people like me who are constantly in a state of thoughtful or contemplative trance. I’ve an overly active imagination and an incredibly sleepless mind, but even then there are usually only certain things that my mind will hyperfocus on and will cause me to stop whatever I was doing in order to think deeply about it and how it affects me and my life as well as those in my life.


Being pensive isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t always that great of a thing either. A pensive mind usually doesn’t have the capacity to think beyond what is on ones mind, I often find myself facing this difficulty in being an overly thought-filled person. I tend to do my best to turn off that part of my brain when my kids are awake, otherwise I might snap out of a deep train of thought just to find that they got into the fridge, got the milk out and the top off and have made themselves a milk bath or some other such silly insanity.


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