With Some Dramatic Flair

When I think of the word Flourish, I can’t help but think of someone doing something with some major flair, usually in the most dramatic and attention grabbing fashion. Like when you’re in drama class and someone puts the back of their hand to their forehead, symbolizing they’re about to faint before they faint. Kind of ridiculous, right? It is almost as though it is the universal way to over-dramatize fainting, because I’ve seen it in theaters where they had actors and actresses from all kinds of places and even when I was in high school taking drama class. Coincidentally, I took drama because it was suggested due to my way with poetry.


Flourish isn’t just for physical acts though, I personally feel it can be considered an appropriate description of writing. It takes a special kind of writing to be considered to of been done with flourish or flair though, and not many achieve this. One of my favorite authors, Terry Brooks, I’d say Terry definitely writes their stories with amazing and grand flourishes. Not many book writers can really draw me in to the point I start looking for more of their books before I’m halfway done just so I don’t run out of material to read! My friend Suze writes with comedic flourishes, even when she is talking about something grave and important. The woman has a way with grabbing an audience and really just reeling them in, hook line and sinker.


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