Like A Ton Of Bricks

For those keeping up with my blog, last Saturday I made a post about my husbands condition with Kidney Stones. I thought I could actually relax after my husband had gotten his appointments arranged and settled, only to have the situation fall around my shoulders like a ton of bricks.


The brick being that on Monday we were literally stuck at the hospital waiting for what felt like forever for his surgery to even begin. We arrived at the hospital at around 2pm, his surgery was supposed to start around 4:30pm, but it didn’t happen that way. We waited and waited, he got called back and put into a gown around 4pm, which made us hopeful that he would be able to get in and out quickly. They said the surgery itself would only last maybe 30 minutes to an hour, an easily performed surgery that wouldn’t have complications or any issues. It wasn’t until some time after 10pm that he finally got into surgery.


During the time that we were waiting, I got to go back and see him a few different times. Each time, I’d crawl into his hospital bed and cuddle with him. At one point, I think I even fell asleep in his bed with him. My husband heard the nurses going on about how cute we were together and how sweet we were, because every chance I got I tried my best to show him that he wasn’t alone and I was in this situation with him. I even forewent eating because he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything since midnight the night before surgery. I refused to go to the cafeteria and grab a bite, I stayed by his side for as long as they would let me until they’d usher me off into the waiting area.


Some time around midnight, they had finally finished the surgery. I got called back as he began waking up from the anesthesia, my poor husband was disoriented and had dry mouth, and ontop of all that he was still in pain. My poor love was barely able to stand, let alone dress himself. I helped him get himself together, got his paperwork and such. The doctor let me know that there had actually been two stones, one in his kidney and one in the tubing between the kidney and urethra. Sadly, he needed to make another appointment as soon as possible for the stents removal. Since I would be awake at 7am anyhow, I opted to do it so I could let him sleep for as long as he needed. 


My beloved spent the past week in bed, only finally managing to get up and around on Thursday, which thankfully the doctor gave him the rest of the week off until Monday so he could recuperate. When they’d taken out the stent Wednesday, it put him in a whirlwind of pain, another giant back of bricks falling around my head. I was worried it was going to become worse again and that he’d have to once more have surgery. Thank goodness that is over, the pain he was in Wednesday was so intense that he just laid in bed or was in the bathroom vomiting. I knew there was no way he would be physically ready for the demands of his job come Thursday, or even Friday. 


Finally, yesterday was a pretty good day. He still had aches and pains, but that was more from the extreme bed rest he had forced on him by the pain meds and inability to really do much of anything. An end to a treacherous saga of what seemed like never ending pain and misery. I feel I can finally have that breather now, and I believe my husband and I definitely deserve it after the long painful and agonizing time that has been spent dealing with these dastardly kidney stones.


3 thoughts on “Like A Ton Of Bricks

  1. poor Allan……..and poor you and the kiddoes. there is NOTHING on this planet worse than having a loved one in pain and being incapable of doing anything to help. So hoping he is better and gets no more stones..and YOU get some badly needed rest free from worry.

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