In Silent Slumber

What a surprise that today’s prompt is Dream, because I had the strangest dream ever last night. Originally I thought to write about my dream of a better America but… I think I’ll keep that to myself.



Coughing as he crawled along the sewage line, James had to stop himself from using the back of his hand to wipe the sweat from his brow. He swore under his breath, then resumed his arduous trek, looking for the end. He couldn’t keep himself from coughing, because with each breath he took in, the stench of feces and urine filled his nostrils. The ammonia content alone was causing respiratory distress, the actual smell just made it even worse. He trudged on through the muck, trying to keep his breathing in short clipped breaths. James figured this would lower his inhalation of the smell and chemicals, and lessen his risk of being found. Weaving around a bend in the pipe, finally it broke out from underground, pouring into an isolated water formation. He started crawling faster, desperation and relief hitting him at once as he realizes he is about to succeed in escaping. As he got closer to the edge of the pipe he started seeing just how rusted and filthy it was.

A shudder passed through him as he noticed it wasn’t just feces he had been crawling in, but blood as well. Without thinking, James clasped a hand over his mouth from the horror, which promptly resulted in him vomiting violently once he realized what he had done. Moments passed as he sat there, crouched in the pipe, trying to devise a way of getting out of the pipe without going head first into the murky bloody feces filled water below. Finally he snapped to and realized he should reach for the top of the pipe to pull himself out and land on his feet. When he let go, he saw that somehow his palms were bleeding. He didn’t have anything clean on him, so he couldn’t tend to the wounds. Instead, he looked for a good direction in which to run, hopefully even find safety in.

Sadly, nothing looked even remotely familiar. The only familiar thing to him was the giant stone house that loomed behind him which he had been kept in for what felt like years but had deduced couldn’t of been more than a couple months in reality. From somewhere behind, someone was calling for him. With every time they yelled his name, James knew they were getting closer. Swearing under his breath, he ducked his head down and began running into the water, headed towards the wall of pine trees that skirted the edges of the property.

Thinking to himself that he wouldn’t endure the hell he had for the past few months ever again, he convinced himself that he had to hold tight to his dream of escape. He had been plotting this since a week into his kidnapping. Without pausing, he leapt from the water up onto the grass that lead off into the trees. James knew he needed to pace himself, otherwise he wouldn’t make it out of here alive.


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