In Silent Slumber Pt2

An addition to my original Daily Prompt post about the word Dream. I might make more, depends on if I have the dream again or not. If you’re interested, you can read the first part here.



The whole while that James was dreaming, unbeknownst to his conscious mind, the real world was continuing on. The dungeon-esk room in which he had known as home for the past two months was barely lit by the flame of a candle on the surgical table next to the wooden table he was strapped to. The leather bindings were worn from repeated use, the buckles once gleaming now dulled and having a faint layer of blood from the experiments done to him. In his left arm was an IV which was what kept him in a sleep while his dungeon master did tests to see if the theory she’d started building just before she’d found James asleep outside a bar. Off in the distance, the cries of other prisoners were heard, pleading for death to come before she would return to them.


Anna knew she couldn’t do her experiments on only one subject, after all, scientific studies prove that the best way to ensure a method works is to have multiple test subjects. She’d kept a large amount of the hospital grade diazepam in order to ensure that she could conduct her theory on her patients wouldn’t remember her face each time she’d visit them, just on the off hand chance that she was forgetful and forgot to lock the doors. Considering all the wonderful uses for it, Anna knew that it was the optimal drug of choice. She flicked the bag and double checked the dose amount, to ensure it didn’t put too much into the blood stream. Satisfied, she returned her eyes to the tray that held her instruments. Running her fingers along the edge of the tray before selecting a scalpel. “Ah,” she caught herself, pausing before picking it up and reaching for the box of small nitrile gloves, “Don’t be a naughty doctor now, must use protection!” she snapped the gloves then put them on her hands. “All better now.” Anna’s voice was clear, concise, it seemed to cut the air as she spoke.


Nearly as soon as she’d spoken, the rest of the dungeon went silent. The sound of bare feet scuffling could barely be heard as the other prisoners crawled off into their little corners. They’d heard that said one too many times, and knew before long, the poor soul she was carving would wake in a fit of terror and screams. They both pitied and envied her present subject, because they knew their only escape was through their dreams. 


She glanced at the arms which were already riddled with scabs and wounds trying to heal. Anna frowned, “Tsk, I need a new spot I guess.” She began a shallow incision along the right peck, blood beginning to flow slowly from the cut. Using sponge forceps, she dabbed it away so she could cleanly see. Her incision grew broader, going faintly deeper the further she drew the blade. She began to hum to herself as she gently lifted the skin and pulled it away. Using a clamp to hold the skin away, Anna reached for the electrodes rubber handle, double checked the RF was powered, then proceeded to clamp down on the tissue where the nipple was. The flesh began to burn, the smell of the muscle tissue cauterizing causing a smile to pass over her face. She placed her hand on his head, gazing into his sleeping face, “You’re so much stronger than the rest, dear James. You’ve lasted much longer than any of my other patients.” Her face showed genuine admiration as she spoke, gently stroking his hair. 


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