Strange Cycles Of Life

We all have cycles and phases of life. As toddlers most of us have the terrible two’s phase, the no phase, and the let’s break everything we can get our hands on phase. This tends to progress into the I know everything phase followed by the my parents aren’t as smart as I am phase, sometimes these two happen at the same time though. That is horrible, especially for the poor parents.

For me though, the best phase is becoming a parent and having a family. To me, having a family is like the butterfly coming out of the chrysalis after going through its transformation. The beauty and simplicity of nature’s complexities are astounding. I see parenthood as the beautiful transcendence from where we go from being a solitary being to becoming a beautiful family, and to me there is nothing quite as lovely as it.

Even considering all the wrongs I did in my adolescence, and all the potential nightmares my kids can cause me to have, having a family has got to be one of the most rewarding and precious phases of life. Those days where both my girls behave, mornings where they wake up blissfully happy and ignorant of the dangers that lurk outside our door, the sweet kisses and cuddles accompanied by “I love you“s make every second of agony and frustration worth it. I wouldn’t trade my family for all the money in the world.


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