With A Grain Of Salt

One of the most wickedly dastardly things about being a blunt and honest person is that when you get feedback, usually filled with spite and venom, you have to take it lightly. Often times I get told I am a bitter b**** because what I say offends someone, and trust me, I do actually think before I speak. Usually if I say something harsh or mean, I already revised just how to say it as gently as possible. Often times, especially when talking to someone in a game, you have to take what people say like a grain of salt, because they speak angrily instead of with a clear head. 


One such example would be like last night, someone had asked me about a hero units worth when selecting their 6* selector from a game called SoulSeeker. For those that don’t know what that is, it is a mobile game that can be played on a phone, or tablet, or iPod. Anyhow, the player in question had asked me about their selector they had gotten, and sadly their selector was junk. Thankfully they were a new player, so I informed them of the lack of worth as gently as I could. I also then informed them that if they wanted a better one, they could always try making a new account.


They got angry, and when I say angry, I mean swear words filled my screen faster than I could read them. They went so far as to accuse me of being an idiot and having no life, and that I was trying to ruin their account. Then the individual went too far and accused me of cheating on my husband to have my kids, and topped it off with saying that I played the game more than I paid attention to my children. All because they had a bad selector in a game and my best advice was to start all over, which they hadn’t gotten anything of use to begin with.


I shrugged it off and informed them that if they didn’t want my advice, they were more than welcome to ask the gaming community what their thoughts were. Not even five minutes later, they were asking the same question in game and received the exact same advice. I even logged into the game just to see what advice was given, just in case I had been mistaken.


Nope. Everyone had agreed that the selector was junk. I actually laughed a bit, because next thing I knew, this person was messaging me again with hate filled slurs that I honestly found astounding. This person was so enraged about their bad luck with the game, they thought somehow I personally had something to do with it. Needless to say, I didn’t respond for about an hour before finally saying to them, “Welcome to SoulSeeker, thank you for playing.” which is sort of an on going joke between many players who started the game around the time of global release. 


You see, the key to it all is taking the anger that honesty causes and taking it lightly. Sure, people might not enjoy hearing the truth, but I am a staunch believer that honesty is and always will be the best policy.


4 thoughts on “With A Grain Of Salt

  1. You and I have met some of the nicest people through our online games…we have also met some of the most mean-spirited, nasty, disgusting examples of humanity on the planet.. Let the vitriol and hatred flow like water from a duck’s back and try to ignore them. I, for one, appreciate your honesty…yes, even when you are snarky about it (I actually appreciate the snark more…lol)

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