So Many Times

As a parent, I’ve found you tell kids countless times to not do this, or to do that, or to stay away from there. It can be agonizing, and stressful to the max. The major issue though is when you have to tell yourself countless times to relax, stop stressing, take a deep breath and relax. It even sometimes becomes hard to remember to make yourself eat, especially for stay at home moms who are constantly cleaning up messes that you could’ve sworn you just cleaned but magically re-appeared in a different pattern in a different location of the house. Parenthood can be agonizing, but it can also be absolutely blissful.


Such an example of agonizing yet blissful would be like last night. I had already prepped the kids dinner and was relaxing on the couch while the kids played with their toys. Out of the blue, they both decided to cuddle mommy and be so super sweet and lovey. Knowing full well that cuddles with mommy makes mommy sleepy, not long after, they got down to business. Naughty toddler business. My eldest decided to open the fridge and apparently cuddle the milk, I can only surmise that she really loves milk, like.. A lot. I’ve never seen anything like it before, so that’d be my best guess as to why. Meanwhile, my youngest got into the veggies I’d set in the fridge to cool after cooking and poured them into Daddy’s dinner. How sweet is that? She wants Daddy to have a nutritionally sound dinner when he gets home, so she made it better with some peas.


This is about when disaster struck, as she has an amazing fascination with the big giant water filter pitcher in our fridge. I was on the verge of having fallen asleep, so I could hear the water splash. At first I hadn’t heard anything of what was going on up until I heard the water splash in the fridge. Like a sudden bolt of lightning hit me, I jolted up right and rushed into the kitchen. There was my youngest, drenched in water while my eldest was sitting with the milk between her legs just hugging it and saying over and over, “I love you.” Regardless of how adorable this may sound, the mess all over the inside of my fridge was not. I remember, just before going to clean the mess, I sat them both in their highchairs and stood in front of them. I spoke firmly, and said, “I have told you countless times, we do not get in the fridge without Mommy’s permission. That is Mommy’s fridge, and until you’re old enough to feed yourself without supervision, it is off limits.” 


I would have to say, the worst part about parenting is having to punish my kids. I don’t like it, in fact, I hate it. It breaks my heart when I have to tell them no, but most often, the reason I have to punish them is because they do something that can get them hurt. Like climbing on the back of the couch, trying to sky dive off the windowsill, or the ever famous trying to pull plugs out of the wall / surge protector. The nightmares I’ve had of my kids doing stuff is only because I’ve witnessed them trying to do it and trust me, nobody wants to lose their baby. Also, yes, it is true, no matter how old you become, you’ll always be your parents’ baby. Always.

3 thoughts on “So Many Times

  1. I totally feel ya.

    Sometimes I’m genuinely asking, “Why would you do that?! I’ve told you countless times NOT to do that, and yet as soon as I go to the bathroom you go run to do it? Why?!”

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    • Oh my gosh, I have had that happen more times than I care to try remembering lol I have latches for the drawers and cabinet doors but somehow, every time I go to use the restroom, my youngest gets into the silverware drawer and gets out butter knives. Thankfully the actual steak knives are in another location she can’t get into but oh my gosh it is frustrating xD

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