My Goodness, They Grow So Fast

I’ve realized, as my children have begun growing older, that I don’t want them to grow up anymore. Already, I am missing when I spoon fed, and fork fed them. Sadly though, they’ve begun learning how to use a fork and spoon already. To be honest, watching them grow is amazing and I love the roller coaster ride (for the most part), but I don’t want my babies to grow up! My eldest daughter has already begun the conversion from sippy cup to a big girl cup and straw, and my heart is simply breaking. I still remember when they were just so tiny and being breast fed, and as selfish as it may sound, I miss that time probably the most. 


One of the strongest bonds in all the world is the bond between parent and child, the most fierce being between big mama and bitty baby. Probably why no matter how old ones children get, they’ll always be their mama’s baby. Watching my girls use a fork to eat pasta and vegetables, or even when I make them chicken, it breaks my heart because I know soon enough the cuddle fests will end. When I put them down for bed now, I cannot help but cry as I close the door and slip away, because they no longer want to give mommy kisses and hugs before they go to sleep. I miss my little lovies being so sweet and loving to their mama, but I know it’s just another part of them growing up. Fighting for kisses and chasing them down for hugs, and I know it doesn’t mean they don’t love me, but it makes me so sad inside.


I guess now I know how my mom felt when my sister and I stopped being so sweet and loving.

2 thoughts on “My Goodness, They Grow So Fast

  1. I have 2 kids and one of them doesn’t ask for kisses and cuddles anymore. But loves it. So when I put the little one in bed, I turn around and give her kisses as hugs as well. I dread the day they’ll leave…

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