Just Why In The World?

I’ve met people who seemed dense, and I’ve met people who make me question their education. Then there are people that make me wonder whether humanity has any hope at all. I’ve come to a crossroad in life, I’ve met the epitome of stupidity and yet I’ve not found the epitome of intelligent. This saddens me because the ability to learn is within all of us, and yet there are so many who refuse to crack open a book or utilize the internet for purposes aside from generalized idiocracy. Why is it so hard for people to actually work towards bettering themselves, instead of stagnating? No one likes a stagnant pool of water.


I’ve begun tired of meeting people who are too dense to realize they are apart of the problem, not the solution. They cause me great frustration, because here I am, trying to raise two young intelligent girls in a world that perpetuates stupidity, laziness, and a general lack of care for others. When did we as a world become so wrapped in our own selves that ones lack of mental prowess makes them worthy of attention from others? Too often I see people labeled icons and idols for the new age of kids, teens, and budding adults. Yet these people couldn’t speak or write intelligibly if their lives depended on it, at least not by their own hand with their own mind and no other individuals input.


We sensationalize those who are unworthy of our time, we promote the lack of self-worth, and stifle advancements in knowledge beyond simplistic understandings. Even then, most people are still wrong, they don’t know the actual truth behind things as simple as the conception of a child. Our world is doomed, and I hope that I’m not around when it dies.

4 thoughts on “Just Why In The World?

  1. In everyday conversation it’s so easy to be shutdown (or shut out) by a deflection or a character attack.

    It’s so hard to convince anyone of anything when attacks on your character are the norm of arguments. Take a look at politics for example, how often is it that politicians actually argue points?
    Hypocrisy is probably the biggest example of a tool used to demean others.

    The pointing of hypocrisy is not the be all end all of conversation, but rather a deflection. It doesn’t make your argument any less true, instead they seek to win an argument by harming your standing to anyone listening.

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    • The problem is, I want people to better themselves but as my husband often says, “You can’t save everyone.”

      You aren’t off though, often in politics, they use personal attacks that end in hypocrisy. It is in some instances, quite blatant. I find it shameful. Then again, I’ve often been told I have a moral compass that extends beyond that of normal society.

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