Writers Block

One of the worst things as a writer, be it for leisure or professionally, is when you get writers block. I being one of those people that use dreams as a means of writing a story find myself constantly hit with writers block. It seems to stay until I have the dream again, but until that dream comes back, my mind is a perpetual blank. It is as if my mind has decidedly chosen to be as blank as a brand new chalk board that’s never been written on. The frustration is even more so for those who write professionally either for children’s stories, adult novels, or the smut columns in the filthy magazines.


Truthfully I don’t think there is a cure for writers block, it is simply a thing that one has to learn to overcome. Some go to outside influences to get those creative juices running again, others drink because they don’t know how else to get their brain to behave itself. There are even some that resort to going out and partying in the hopes that they’ll have an experience that would benefit the plot of their stories. I’ve never done any of these, personally, but I do often find myself asleep when I hit a brick wall, so to speak. Since my stories hit me while I’m unconscious, I figure heck, sleep gives me my material. If I hit a blank wall of nothingness, maybe sleep will give me the next chapter or at least another few paragraphs.


Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve often found myself having recurring dreams, but I didn’t actually think to start writing them until I was entering into the big wide world. I remember I often had the same dreams, just in different orders. One night I’d have a dream about Amy, the next I’d have a dream about Anna, then I’d have a few nights where I couldn’t remember the main persons name from the dream so I’d write it off as a lost cause. Most often if I couldn’t remember the name, I’d miss key points that made the dream interesting to begin with. No point in writing if you don’t have the full plot, not to mention, key points that actually make the whole thing start off.


The weird thing though, is I write a bunch of stuff. I don’t just write creepy or horror like stories, I’ve even written a song or two, and those who follow my blog lately have been flooded with a throng of poetry from my earlier years. A good friend of mine has been tantalized with reading a story I wrote for a children’s book, I’ve just hit a road block on how I’m going to get it illustrated and actually published. I think that in and of itself is one of the keys to fighting the blank wall of death in ones own mind when it comes to literary development. Don’t keep yourself tied down to one subject, topic, or writing style. Widen ones horizons so that you always have an avenue with which to travel down.


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