A Wish, A Dream, A Nightmare

I’ve never actually been to a circus, but I always wanted to. Even after it made my sister have nightmares after watching Stephen King’s movie, It.  I don’t really know why I found the idea of a circus so fascinating, maybe it was because I had never been or the fact that many television shows and movies gave a horresque idea of what circuses were like. Often times I wonder whether they truly are as horrific as shows would make us think. Due to my inexperience, I can only conclude that for certain people, a vast majority if what I’ve seen and heard were true, the circus can be a very dark and mysterious if not terrible place. Not too many that I know have actually been to a circus much less had a pleasant time at one.

Television both movie wise and shows often depict the circus as a place of death, murder, hauntings, and other foul and sundry things. Take for example American horror story. One of their seasons was based around “freaks” who had no where else to go but the circus, and there were some pretty freaky people there. Heck they even had a movie as far back as 1960 called Circus of Horrors. This just further pushes the idea that these once well known gatherings of the unknown and mysterious were indeed terrifying to many. I personally think this may be where people get the idea that clowns are scary, because clowns are so far from scary to me that it is laughable that one could ever portray one as such.

I’m one of those weird people that watched Stephen King’s It and actually enjoyed the parts with Pennywise. There was some supposedly scary movie about clowns in outer space that I thoroughly enjoyed too, which I am sure most people would have nearly pooed themselves silly with fear. Where does this animosity stem from? Were circuses really so horrifying that it permanently imprinted the idea that anything that was ever associated with circus life must be scary? These are genuine questions, and anyone with answers is free to respond. Or questions of their own, that’s cool too!


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