Sweet Yet Sad Memory

Thinking on the prompt of Sky from todays Daily Prompt, I was stuck. I was absolutely flabbergasted as to what to write. I twiddled my thumbs, I wandered around my home as my kids chased me back and forth, I tried cooking then cleaning to clear my mind and give me something to write about. Nope. I was hitting a dead end. What in the freaking heck could I write about the sky that just about everyone else in the blogosphere hasn’t yet? I poked, I prodded, I stared mind-numbingly at the prompt. Nothing was really striking me as “blog worthy” so… I decided to harass my good friend Suze, who already DID hers to see if she could slap me upside the head with a good idea.


Shay : I’m stumped on todays prompt..
Slap me with an idea

Suze : which one? sky?
or adventure?

Shay : wait, theres an adventure prompt?

Suze : yep

Shay : WHERE
I don’t have anything for that either

Suze : it is on the discovery prompt
lol.okay for sky…think about showing your kids the clouds for the very first time…or how they talk about clouds, rain, lightening etc..it is all in the sky
what did they say? how did they react?

Shay : my kids don’t really look at that kinda stuff… they’re still in that, “Oh hey its a stick” phase

Suze : oh shyte….okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Shay : or my favorite, “I found a rock!”
Their little eyes rarely stray from the ground, like.. ever

Suze : how about..when you were a kid? what did YOU see in the clouds? were you afraid of thunder…..


Suze : woot! there ya go.
ok….adventure………you ran away from home! THAT was a freaking adventure!

Shay : Thank you for slapping me with an idea πŸ˜€

Suze : yw…:D

Shay : lol how do I find the adventure prompt?
is it linked in your adventure post?
was wondering what preempted that post

Suze : go to daily prompt page, then at top go to HOME…it’ll be there
yep actually i link the heck out of stuff.lol

Shay : lmao
you link crazy lady

Suze : yep.



As you can see, I talk to Suze about a lot, I bounce ideas off her and she gives me all kinds of awesome little ideas and critiques. Anywho, onto the post itself!


The first time my son actually looked up at the sky, I had taken him to a park to play with a ball that he loved to throw and chase then throw again and chase just to eventually become exhausted and worn out. This day was no different, and as he became exhausted, we both lay on the grass looking up at the sky through the tree tops. He was a big mama cuddler, so he was snuggling with me in the grass until we regained the energy for the walk back home. As we lay there, he kept ooing and aaaing at the sky, pointing at clouds as they would pass by. He was mystified by it, I could tell. I don’t think he was really scared or apprehensive of the clouds, but he did cry when the sun would get in his eyes and would hide his face in my shoulder. My little man enjoyed the clouds so much though that he wouldn’t hide for long, peeking up to see if the clouds had covered the sun yet so he could resume pointing and ooing or aaaing at them.


The wonderment and genuine amazement at things in the world is so beautiful and pure. Each time he would point at a cloud, I would say what it looked like to me and he would either say no in his adorable defiant way or giggle and cuddle closer. As we were on our way home, he kept looking up at the sky. So much so that he tripped a few times, but being the good boy he was, he had mommy’s hand so he didn’t hurt himself.Β 


I don’t think I’ll ever forget his sweet ways of being absolutely him. I just hope he keeps that pure innocent sense of wonder about the world.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Yet Sad Memory

  1. how absolutely beautiful! It made me remember my own children lying next to me in the grass and pointing out “elephants” or “bugs”………thank you. and thanks for the shout out. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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