Sorrowful pain swelling in my mind
Unbreakable chains around my wrists
A sad pathetic expression on my face
The look of a lover lost
Broken is the heart
That feels too much pain
Gone is the mind
That wishes not to feel
Disappeared is the soul
That thrives not to exist
All because I lost
It started out like a dream
So kind and sweetly serene
Then as time took its course
Everything became much worse
Now I created a monster
Within the man I love
For days I cry
Wishing to die
For nothing can be worse
Than losing him
I wallow in pain
And guilt at my stupidity
Awaiting the day
Of my demise
Because he no longer loves me
No reason to live
Nor any chance to love
Forever embedded in my heart
He will be the only one
I ever truly love


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