So Exciting! Aahhh!

It appears that in the night while I slept, I not only hit 50 followers but my darling husband also managed to clean up around the house for me! Not only does my husband clean, but he also cooked for me last night. Boy howdy that was nice to wake up to! Nice clean smooth dirtless floors, an impecably clean kitchen, everything tidy and put together. My husband does this often for me, so I guess I shouldn’t be as amazed and awestruck that he did so last night, but it warms my heart and makes me giddy with joy when I don’t have to do anything other than make the kids breakfast and make my pot of coffee. 


I had big plans for this morning’s breakfast which made it all the more important and pleasant to wake up to a clean downstairs. You see, I made amazingly awesome banana pancakes for breakfast! I had a touch of difficulty getting the pancake mix smooth like in the instructions for making pancakes. Since the dishes were clean, I was able to throw all the ingredients into the blender and blast it into a smooth mix for perfect banana pancakes. Making perfect pancake mix, especially when fruit is involved, is both a science and an art. Thankfully, I have a handy dandy blender to make my life easy! 


When all was said and done, I managed to make 36 pancakes. The kids ate 6 each, and yet when I went to make a plate for myself, I found I was cornered by children! My stack of 8 dwindled down to a measly 4 in a matter of seconds. At least I can say this about the pancakes – They sure were a hit!


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