Conversation Killers

There are some times where I just have to sit there and wonder what the point is sometimes in starting a conversation when people don’t seem to have the courtesy of ending a conversation properly. Take for example when you don’t know what to say to someones reply, comment, or statement. Most people reply with a simple and excruciatingly annoying conversation killer like a smiley face that holds no barring on the conversation, or a randomly placed lol that seems out of place. I often find myself in conversations where it will be that someone either just stops responding with no reason or will just randomly go “;-)” which drives me batty. Ever since the creation of “lol” though, I often find conversations ruined by having an actual conversation and getting “lol” in response with nothing else. Just a simple “lol” and that is it.


Then there is the ever so lovely “k” that randomly just appears. You ask someone a question or make a statement and to voice their agreement, they use a conversational murder subject, “k”. I’m just sitting here thinking to myself, “Come on, you can think of a better response than just ‘K’, can’t you?” What kind of response is that, really? Just randomly pop off with a quick K with no further details, no personal perspective, just a blatant killer K. It absolutely makes my mind cringe when I see that. I can understand if it’s at the end of a conversation like someone is going to work, or their kid started fussing because they finished eating or want to get up from a nap or something, but right in the middle of a conversation where you’re opinion is being asked? An example of someone using the killer K, from personal experience, was when I had asked someone if they thought a blue or purple tunic would look nicer. Their response was just “K” … That isn’t an answer, that isn’t a perspective or opinion, or even remotely helpful at all!


Then there is when people make so many typos it is impossible to understand their meaning. I’ve faced this too often myself, and I find it to be one of the worst conversation killers in the world. It tops the ever frustrating random “lol” or “;-)” and blows “K” out of the water. I often find myself making typos, I’m no saint. My issue is with people who don’t bother to try fixing their mistakes and just leave it as is. Like when someone says there for they’re or their. Or when you don’t know how to spell the word but instead of looking it up or finding a combination of words to substitute for the word you can’t spell, you just butcher the word to the point it is indistinguishable from the English language. I get it, not everyone speaks and writes English, but… You could at least give it the effort if you’re even going to bother with it. I’m not the handiest of people with grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but I sure as heck give it my all, dang nabit!


The last and one of the most annoying ways of just abandoning a conversation would have to be when you just never reply. I once went through the trouble of writing out a big long large message of somewhere around 1000 words and over 3000 characters. What made it frustrating was that they had asked my opinion on a very broad topic that really was hard to express myself in short words. I managed to text them the message in under 5 minutes and they never replied. To this day, they’ve not replied. We’ve talked about other random things, and some important issues, but they have not nor do I think they ever will, address that one topic they had asked me about. It was so long ago, I don’t even remember what the topic was anymore. I do however remember that it was important to me at the time, otherwise I wouldn’t of been able to write so much in such a short span of time.


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